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Why Choose Ncomputing?

Because we mean true computing business!


Easy Setup

Setup Vspace on Host PC, plug Ncomputing Devices and your are good to go!


Ncomputing uses true green technology maximizing the power usage of 5 Watts.


Bring Ncomputing Desktop on your pocket anytime anywhere!

Online Support

Online Vspace Software for Ncomputing Devices made it easy to manage desktop virtualization remotely.

Auto Connect

Ncomputing devices has the ability to connect to multiple Host PC serving multiple users simultaneously.

About Ncomputing

Desktop Virtualizationr

Desktop Virtualization

Desktop Virtualization.

Desktop Virtualization

Choose Among the Best Ncomputing Solutions

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Ncomputing L300

Php5000+No Subscription Fee

Most Popular Ncomputing Device Sold in the Market

  • 10/100Mb VGA Capability 2 Ports USB 1.1 1 Port USB 2.0

Ncomputing RX300

Php5000+Subscription Fee

Premium Model of Ncomputing

  • Wireless capability HDMI 4 USB Ports Raspberry Pi

Ncomputing RX300 HDX

Php5000+Subscription Fee

CITRIX Ready Ncomputing Device

  • CITRIX Version

VSPACE 11 for Ncomputing Devices

Php5000+Annual Subscription Fee

Vspace Software for Ncomputing Devices

  • Vspace Software Application

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